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Owasippe Summer Program Features

***Owasippe has an extraordinary variety of program features to satisfy both advancement and recreational interests and to serve new Scouts up to Venturers. Programs continue to evolve and expand based on the loyal feedback of our Scout leaders.  ***

Too Much To Do To Stay In That Tent!

Too Much To Do To Just Be Staying In That Tent!
When it comes to outdoor program opportunities, there are few camps who can match the variety, quality, and scope of activities that Owasippe has to offer over its 4,500+ acres!   Size + Setting + Staff + Scenery + Schedule =   AN AWESOME CAMP... continuing a proud tradition since 1911.

> 2006 Summer Program Leader's Guide


The Adventure Patrol Program for first-time campers is offered at each section camp. It is designed to teach basic scouting skills to newly enrolled Scouts and first-time summer campers. Led by specially selected staff members, the "Patrol" meets daily, and includes activities such as swims, hikes, cookouts, and instructionals.

During the week, the patrol works on outdoor requirements for Tenderfoot and 2nd Class, as well as the requirements for Totin' Chip and Fireman Chit. They also visit ALL of the section camp program areas, get ongoing swimming instruction and free-swims, experience the Owasippe trail system, and hike to Chief Owasippe's Memorial Site.

It is very feasible for participants to qualify for one handicraft merit badge and, possibly, swimming merit badge. The primary goal is to instill confidence, have fun, and learn NEW outdoor skill sets for early rank advancement.

This program provides training in the skill sets that new Scouts need for advancement. "Signing-Off" is a task reserved for the Scout's troop leaders. Adventure Patrol signups occur during the first day in camp right after check-in. Each unit in asked to provide at least one adult advisor or chaperone while the boys are enrolled in this program.



This program is offered in each of the section camps and is designed to provide 2nd-year campers with opportunities to explore Owasippe and use Scoutcraft skills on a variety of specified tasks and adventures around Owasippe. These optional, fun-oriented experiences will encourage Scouts to learn about the history of Owasippe and Scouting, to practice teamwork, and to expand their problem-solving skills. Scouts completing the program will qualify to wear the attractive "Where Eagles Dare" patch.



AQUATICS: * Canoeing * Life Saving * Rowing * Small Boat Sailing * Swimming

ECO-CON * Astronomy * Environmental Science * Fishing * Fish & Wildlife Mgmt * Mammal Study * Nature * Reptile and Amphibian Study * Soil & Water Conservation

SHOOTING SPORTS: Archery * Rifle Shooting * Shotgun Shooting

HANDICRAFT: Basketry * Indian Lore * Leatherwork * Wood Carving

SCOUTCRAFT: Camping * Cooking * Hiking * Orienteering * Pioneering * Wilderness Survival


BACKPACKING (only at Crown High Adventure Base)

HORSEMANSHIP (at Diamond-O Ranch)

PHOTOGRAPHY (at Wolverine, Outpost-Only)


NOTE: In 2007, there have been changes to a number of merit badges offered at camp.  Go to for specifics on these changes and for the latest details. 

> 2006 Owasippe Merit Badge Guide

> Merit Badge Requirements For The Above

Tree Talk...Camp News

Owasippe offers older Scouts more adventure and challenging experiences via "outpost" areas spread out around Owasippe Scout Reservation as well as "The Manistee Quest" which takes backpacking  crews out into the Manistee National Forest along the North Country Trail.
Outpost Offerings:
> Astronomy
> Backpacking
> Climbing & Rappeling
> C.O.P.E.(hi and low)
> Diamond-O Ranch
> Fishing
> Photography
> Sailing  
> Space Exploration 
> Tubing (White River)
> USS Silversides (submarine tours)
> Wrangler
> White River Canoe Trips

Above... The Charles Nagel COPE Course near Camps Carlen and Crown provides opportunities for teamwork and confidence building.   In 2003, a new climbing and rapelling tower was added to the course stations along with Climbing Merit badge instruction.   The tower is made possible through the generosity of the Christopher Hill family along with matching funds from the OSA.    Photo courtesy Ron Kulak.

> Rope Courses - Camping Magazine

> Assoc For Challenge Course Technology

North Country Trail Logo

Manistee Quest - High Adventure Treks

Click onto the above or below links for more info on Owasippe's premier outback program for backpacking or canoe camping.   Since 1997, crews have experienced the wonders of the Manistee National Forest and have accepted the challenge of living in the wilderness as teams.   The Manistee Quest is a week-long backpacking and/or canoe excursion for Scouts age 13+ using the well-groomed and scenic North Country Trail along a 120-mile corridor stretching from the Muskegon River on the south to almost Traverse City on the north.   Crews have the added option of continuing their  trek on any of three rivers: Manistee, Pere Marquette, and the White...for up to three days in duration.

> Hiking The North Country Trail In The Manistee National Forest

> Manistee Natl Forest - Whitecloud Area

> Manistee River Trail - A Gem Of A Hike!

> North Country Trail For CHAB Treks

> White Water Canoeing In The Manistee Nat'l Forest



Scouts and Scouters can become occupied with some challenging and fun events while at camp, not necessarily tied to the advancement program, but rewarding, a lot of fun, as well as instructional:

~ Birding
~ Black-powder Shoot
~ Campfires and Programs
~ Camp Service Projects
~ Chapels Program
~ Chile Cook-offs
~ Cobbler-Gobblers
~ E. Urner Goodman Owasippe Museum
~ Fishing
~ Free Boating and Canoeing
~ Junior Staff Apprenticeship
~ Mile Swim
~ Nature Scavenger Hunts
~ NRA Shooting Qualifications
~ Order of The Arrow
~ Orienteering Courses
~ Owasippe Trail Hiking and Touring
~ Safety Afloat
~ Scout Lifeguard
~ Star Hikes and Constellation Stories
~ Trips To Area Landmarks And Attractions
~ Troop or Patrol Shoots
~ Water Carnivals
~ White River Day or Overnite Canoe Trips
~ Wilderness Engineers, In-Camp Service
~ Wolverine Channel Swim


The USS Silversides and Naval Museum

USS Silversides - Submarine Outpost

Owasippe's Playground, The Manistee National Forest

The Manistee National Forest stretches for over a hundred miles with Owasippe situated in its southwestern corner. The forest offers a host of recreational adventures and scenic points of interest including campgrounds, beaches, trails, lakes, rivers, and nature centers. The closest park and campground to Owasippe is the Pines Point Campground where the Tubing Outpost is held. Owasippe's trek program also follows the North Country Trail through the Manistee National Forest. Click on the above photo to access GORP's website on features and amenities.

PJ Hoffmaster State Park and Gillette Nature Center, Muskegon MI

The Whitehall Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

~ Michigan Adventure Amusement and Water Park ~ Whitehall Lighthouse and Maritime Museum ~ Hart/Montague State Bikepath and Park ~ Lake Michigan Beaches ~ Pinheads Bowling in Whitehall ~ Silver Lake Dune Rides ~ Whitewater Canoeing on the Pine, Pere Marquette or Manistee Rivers


***Camp Service Opportunities***

> Units are always invited to work on permanent improvements to their campsites and to work on the Baden Powell Award

> Scouts can volunteer for nature service projects which abound in camp, ie. check dams, stream cleanup, erosion control, tree planting and pruning, and brush shelters...
Scouts can also put in a variety of service around camp to help them complete the community service project requirements for Star and Life Ranks.

> Adult Leaders are always sought after for volunteer commissioners, adventure patrol advisors and chaperones, program area skill instructors and coaches, and office mentors. Unit leaders are also encouraged to band together to sponsor projects for the camp at large or for their individual campsites, ie. painting, screen repairs, minor carpentry, plumbing, roofing, etc.

The spirit of volunteerism is a big reason for Owasippe's success and for an incredible "spirit" that makes us return so faithfully each year. We are stewards of OUR camp.


 Owasippe Wish List
An Owasippe Wish List : Supplies Needed!



Wood Burners

Phillips Head Screwdrivers

Ziplock Bags (quart and sandwich size)

Large Box of Crayons


Rubber Gloves



Chicken Wire

Clear Plexiglas

Pocket Naturist

Nature Books (on endangered animals and mammal classifications)

Fish Tanks

Window Screen

Building Floorboards (for program area)



Permanent Markers (red & blue)


Fins (large sizes)


Ziplock Bags (gallon or larger)


Air Horns

Throw Bags

Torpedo Weights

Type-3 PFDs



Binder’s Twine

Quarter-inch Rope

Manila Rope

Bow Saw Blades


Shooting Sports


Finger Tabs



Masking Tape


Dining Hall and Office

Xerox Copier Toner Cartridge 1012

Small Copier

Copy Paper

Card Stock Paper (for awards)



Duct Tape

Masking Tape

Scotch Tape

Repair or Replace Picnic Tables

Light Bulbs

Printer Ink for Epson Stylus 600

New Motors for Dining Hall and Office Fans



Staple Gun and Staples






Kitchen Garbage Bags
Pump Soap


Adult leaders have many opportunities to both lead and relax. Two meetings during the week bring the camp's staff and unit leaders together to discuss program and critique services. Leaders generally also participate in coffee clatches, chili cookoffs, cobbler gobblers, and a turkey shoot during the week. Some leaders even have been known to make a spectacle of themselves at the water carnival.

Adult leaders can also participate in the outpost programs and have opportunities to do some local touring as time permits. Many leaders also volunteer their time during the course of the week as provisional commissioners and program instructors and lending their talents to complement the staff.

> 2006 Summer Program Leader's Guide

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